Welcome to Removalists Brisbane to Melbourne

We are a homegrown Australian company that aims to help make moving easier. We have been in business for several years and have grown tremendously in the last 5 years. We have our own fleet of trucks and we have well-trained staff at the ready. Our process is comprehensive and we talk with our clients extensively. We believe in knowing exactly what the client wants and needs.

Our company is different from most others because of our focus on customer service. We build a relationship with our clients to ensure that they feel safe with us and that they can trust us to get their belongings safely to their new home. We address any concerns and make sure that our clients know everything they must.

Amazing staff
Our staff are the backbone of the company. We don't just pick anyone but we select only the best in this field. They are strong, energetic and well organized. This means that we will handle your heaviest and even fragile items with much ease. In addition to having these physical attributes, our technicians are well trained and have knowledge of how to handle different items well. They conduct all their activities with high level of professionalism, interacting with the clients in a friendly but professional way.

Well equipped
We are well equipped and have the best tools of trade that are needed to execute a perfect job. Our moving trucks have been well designed not only to protect your fragile good but also to protect the environment. The trucks have airbag suspensions which protect fragile goods and furniture from any kind of damage. They are well serviced and are always in good condition. Our packing boxes and bags are made of high quality material to offer protection against dust and physical damage. We embrace the use of modern technology in giving our customers the best removal services.

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Our Main Services Are:

Wrapping and packing

We provide the packing materials such as boxes, tape, and bubble wrap. We pack all the belongings that go into boxes. We carefully load those boxes on the truck. On the other side, we again carefully take the boxes down and unload them to the designated rooms. We offer help unpacking, but we find many people prefer to do that themselves. Our moving services are all encompassing - so if you have any questions just let us know and we will try to oblige!

Furniture and appliance removal

We secure furniture and appliances with bubble wrap where necessary and carefully load them onto the truck. We unload them at the new house and also take them to the designated rooms. We assist in placing the furniture and appliances in the spots where the clients want them. It is easier than having to struggle on your own once the guys are gone.

Customer service

Our clients are extremely important to us and so is getting their belongings safely to their new home. We consider this an integral part of our services. If our clients do not feel comfortable, we work hard to make them feel safe.


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