8 Tips for Moving From State-To-State: How to Be Prepared for Your Big Move

Moving house is a big deal. Moving to a different state is even more so. We have compiled a few tips to make state-to-state moving a bit easier.

1. Documentation – Keep all important documents safe in a file with you. These documents include ID information, prescriptions, the moving company information and contact details, etc.

2. Weather – The weather in another state might be different from where you are moving from. Check weather reports the day before moving day so you can plan accordingly for hot or rainy weather.

3. Time – Removalist companies work on a schedule, but things often don’t go exactly as planned. Try not to over schedule the day. Try to stay flexible and patient.

4. Constant contact – It is important to stay in contact with the removalist company during the move. You can either have contact with the office that can track where the truck is or with the drivers themselves. Check the policy with the company. Always be available if they need to contact you.

5. Inspection – Do a last inspection of the house you are leaving to make sure everything has been packed and loaded. Also, check the truck to make sure everything is secure. Do the same again on the other side. As boxes and furniture are being unloaded, check that everything is good condition.

6. Costs – The more stuff you need to move the more you will pay. If there are things you can throw out or sell, do so. This will lower the cost of moving.

7. Forbidden items – There are certain items that removalist companies are not allowed to move. Make sure that these items are being moved by you or that it is disposed of. Valuables like jewelry and firearms will need to be moved by you. Flammable, corrosive, or explosive items must rather be disposed of.

8. Food – Avoid packing perishable foods when moving to another state. The chances are good that they will not come out the other side in a good condition. Rather donate them or eat them in the weeks before the move.

These tips should make moving a bit more planned and less stressful. For those moving to or from Brisbane or Perth check out our sister site that handles all moves to and from the city of Perth